Counseling Approaches

A Solution-Focused Strategic Approach

We are trained as solution-focused strategic therapists. As solution-focused therapists we are mostly concerned with your current situation and issues rather than your past problems. We will certainly explore your past but believe that the key to healing is in the present time. Although our pasts are important and often lead to current and later problems, our goal is to focus on improving your present condition and future.

We believe that change is a constant process and work to help you identify what needs to change in your life, help you change those things, determine what is already working in your life and facilitate those things to continue to occur. As solution-focused therapists we work to help you feel better rather than remain stuck in your issues. Since our goal is to help you to get better in the briefest amount of time we will work together to focus on solutions that will move you forward in life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT) is also utilized at CBT focuses on identifying and changing our thinking patterns in order to solve emotional and behavioral problems that may be the result of or worsened by dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors, emotions or feelings. Many studies have proven that CBT is the most effective treatment for many issues, including depression, anxiety, addictions and other problems. CBT and Solution-Focused Therapy work very well together in helping patients.

IMAGO Relationship Counseling for Couples

The most effective and transformative couples therapy that I have learned and now utilize is Imago Relationship Counseling.  A cognitive and systemic approach, coupled with a psychodynamic understanding, has brought life changing relationship growth to most every couple I have helped.

 The Best Approach  

There are no “cookie-cutter” approaches to counseling so my philosophy is to provide the right type of approach that fits the needs of each specific patient. Therefore at times I’ll apply different psycho-therapeutic theories and techniques to best match my skills with the presenting problems of my patients.

A Specialized Approach To Meet Your Specific Needs

For example, I hold advanced credentialing in clinical hypnosis and will offer hypnosis for patients who could benefit from it and who are interested in this type of approach. Similarly, I use EMDR for patients with a variety of trauma issues to help them get unstuck and to move forward in life. Substance abuse and other treatment issues may require a collaborative treatment approach with additional providers. I may use a variety of psycho-educational approaches when working with both adults and children. At times I may utilize play therapy approaches for children. Different approaches may be employed with couples and families.

The most important thing to know is that I am willing to work with my patients utilizing any approach that my training and experience supports in order to provide them maximum clinical benefit.