Please review Dr. Conti’s unsolicited testimonials (edited for confidentiality):

“Dear Dr. Conti, I wanted to thank you for taking my case and getting me mentally prepared for my return to medical school. You went above and beyond the call of duty with me and for that I am very appreciative. It really bolsters my confidence knowing I will be able to continue meeting with you. I thank you again for all that you have done for me.” J.Z.

“Dear Dr. Conti, Thank you again for your help in gaining insight into some issues that affected my performance at work. I am especially grateful for your spiritual sensitivity that enabled me to wrestle with issues of faith in our sessions.” L.

“Dr. Jim, I really want to take this time to thank you for this past year.  I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in this short amount of time, and it’s all thanks to your continual help and support.  I’ve learned so much about myself and feel I’ve grown so much, it’s incredible.  And no, this is not my anti-depressants talking for me.  I really do feel better and more comfortable with who I am today.  Thank you thank you thank you for everything!!  I truly value and respect what you say to me, even though I don’t always follow your advice at times lol.”  C.C.

“Dear Dr. Conti, I wanted you to know that you will remain as a part of my “good news file”. Your patient empathy and listening skills meant a great deal to me and promoted healing growth in my life. Thank you for your gift of “presence.” . T.M.

“Dear Dr. Conti- A sincere thank-you for all the care and concern you gave to my husband in helping him cope with his life threatening illness. I will always be grateful for the help you gave. And in regards to me- I thank you for your patience and compassion. Your job with me was not easy, but you hung in there with me. I believe that you have helped me to embrace each new day. Thank you for everything! Sincerely”, D.R.

“Dear Dr. Conti, I want to thank you for the help and support you gave me recently.  You are a skilled professional of deep compassion. Thank you for making such a huge difference for me and for my friend”. Sincerely, L.J.

Dr. Conti, “Thank you so much for the help you gave us in our hour of need. We appreciate your kindness very much”. Sincerely, L.M.

Dr. Conti, “Just a quick note to express our gratitude for your visit. I have heard nothing but praise and thanks for your in-service regarding the death of our co-worker. You have made a very difficult time for the staff easier to understand and deal with. Your session made it easier for them to better deal with their grief and anger at this very sad situation, and they wanted to make sure you were thanked. So, thank you again”. F. B.

“This October I will have been alcohol free for 3 years. It doesn’t seem possible that I made it that far, but I did it! I’m a better, stronger person because of our sessions. There are times in my life that I refer to this little “Dr. Jim voice” in my head, I know what you would suggest I do and it helps to have that outside influence, even if it’s not in person.  Thanks again for all you’ve done…it really was a lot.” T. W.

“As a Nova Southeastern Masters student, my goal for this eight-month internship was to practice short-term therapy models with individuals, couples and families. I was hoping for a supervisor who would allow me to learn, while providing feedback for growth. Dr. Conti was instrumental in helping me attain this goal. He provided me the latitude to make decisions on my own, while being available and willing to offer ideas if necessary. Dr. Conti consistently provided positive as well as constructive feedback, helping me build confidence and an understanding of additional therapeutic perspectives. I want to thank Dr. Conti for his patience and positive influence on me. I have accomplished exactly what I hoped and I greatly appreciate his help”. C.F.

“Dr. Conti is an excellent mentor and supervisor. His guidance and direction have helped me gain self-awareness and open-mindedness. His influence and modeling have made me a more competent and objective counselor”. E. F.

“Dr. Conti, my husband and I now playfully say to each other, “I’m going to tell Dr. Conti” when our sarcasms get a little too contrite! All is well here. Sincerely”, M. L.