In-Person Counseling

Comprehensive psychological services are available in person at our office located at 41C New London Turnpike, Glastonbury, CT 06033. Evaluations and assessments are also completed at this location. The office is located in a private setting just minutes from downtown Glastonbury, a quaint town filled with unique restaurants and shops.

You may access the following psychological services at Dr. Conti’s office:

  • Adult, child and adolescent (teen) counseling
  • Couple & Family therapy
  • Group therapy for various issues
  • Psychological evaluations and assessments
  • Executive and Life Coaching

How Is In-Person Counseling Conducted?

In-person counseling or psychotherapy is conducted in the traditional face to face manner with both the psychologist and patient being in the same counseling office. The psychologist and patient sit in their respective seats and talk directly to each other about presenting problems and other treatment issues. At times patients may complete testing and/or other screening tools to help determine diagnoses and appropriate treatment planning.

Why Meet In-Person At Our Office?

The face to face counseling session at the Psychologist’s office is the most traditional as well as familiar method of receiving psychological care. Thus, for many people, there is a high level of comfort involved in meeting at the same office, sitting in the same seat, and connecting with the psychologist in the same place.

Similarly, group therapy is best conducted in-person in the office. In addition, psychological evaluations and assessments, which may require specific testing devices and specific paperwork, often flow better in-person. Should you be considering online therapy we will let you know if your specific issues require in-person treatment at the office versus online therapy.