Online Counseling

Dr. Conti holds a unique certification called “Certified e-Therapist”. He offers online counseling, also known as “e-therapy”, for individuals and couples who prefer to engage in counseling from their home, office, or any place with internet access. Use your computer or smart phone instead of meeting at the counseling office. You can work on your counseling issues and concerns from any location while online and thus control your time, privacy and maintain your own level of comfort. For these reasons, many believe that online counseling is an efficient, productive, and useful mode for counseling and self-growth as well as the wave of the future.

How Is Online Counseling Conducted?

Online counseling is essentially conducted in the usual manner of counseling sitting face to face with the counselor however it is done through the webcam. It is actually a simple process! Webcams are inexpensive and easy to use. I recommend that you purchase a webcam with a built in microphone for ease. My preferred method is to meet using the free service Skype which can be easily downloaded to your computer for no charge. I will help you to learn how to use your webcam and Skype if you need assistance.

Why Use Our Online Counseling Clinic?

  • Receive counseling services from the privacy of your own home or space
  • Bypass traffic and the use of costly gasoline
  • Save travel time
  • No waiting room (since there isn’t one online!)
  • Increase efficiency by having your counseling session during your lunch hour
  • Avoid taking time off of work to attend therapy
  • Relocate or travel yet continue with Dr. Conti instead of starting over again

You can expect to receive expert counseling in a caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate manner. The Online Counseling Clinic is a safe place to turn for support, guidance, empathy, and a trusting and professional therapeutic relationship.

The internet is here to stay and forever expanding. There is absolutely no doubt that the word is experiencing a huge shift from the age of industry to the information age. Therefore, in our busy lives, online counseling not only makes sense but works well.