Phone Counseling

Some folks are good talkers, enjoy talking on the phone, and feel comfortable using this method of communication for counseling. We offer telephone counseling for individuals who prefer to engage in counseling from their home, office, vehicle or anywhere from their cell phone instead of meeting in person at our office. You can work on your counseling issues and concerns while talking to your counselor on the phone and thus control your time, privacy and maintain your own level of comfort. Note if conducting your phone session from your vehicle we recommend and request that your vehicle not be in motion during sessions. However, it is imperative that you use a hands-free cell phone device if your vehicle is in fact in motion.

How Is Phone Counseling Conducted?

Quite simply, a phone counseling session is conducted on the telephone between both psychologist and patient. There is verbal communication between doctor and patient, but no visual. Sessions can be completed by patients on the go utilizing their cell phone. Standard procedure involves our office calling the patient at the time of their scheduled appointment with us incurring any long distance phone charges.

Why Choose Phone Counseling?

Choosing phone counseling as your preferred method of counseling is essentially a personal choice. If you like talking on the phone, prefer to stay at home and/or don’t want to drive to our office,or are webcamera shy, then telephone counseling may be for you! Let’s talk!